kirsten moran




I paint as a means to connect with the collective human spirit. The soul and the earth, both associated with the feminine, inform the subject and the archetypal themes of living as a woman in the world. Each painting conveys a different aspect of that spirit: desolation, joy, longing, awe, or surrender. The spare context allows for the subject to exist within any time period, from present to ancient.

My paintings are meditations on the human condition and the thread that ties us all together. Some function as artifacts from an untouched land, while others are representations of the sacred. They are all fluid and expansive, in both material and palette. The surfaces evoke stone, water, or earth and allow the paintings to live in-between worlds as both contemporary objects and hallowed relics. There is a reverence to the land and its inhabitants that manifests as a communal pulse throughout the paintings.

The result is a continued dialogue between the corporeal body we inhabit, and the soul that inhabits us.




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